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Online Application

How does the process work?

  1. Register Online
    • When the applications are open you will be able to fill an online form to register for the process. We ask for general information such as:
                Country of citizenship and residence
                Highschool average grade
                Yearly Family Income in US dollars
                Phone number
                Desired Major (only degrees shown are available)
                Civil Status
  2. We Will Contact You
    • With the information you provide us, one of our teams in your country will contact you, giving you more information about the documents required and how to submit them. If you are contacted it means you are enrolled in the process of selection. This process includes tests and interviews (the details of these are given by our recruitment teams in your country). If you are not contacted or receive a notice of rejection, you are no longer eligible to continue the process.
  3. The following items will be required during the application process:

    1. Walton Scholarship Application
    2. Digital Media ID
      • Personal Photo (Passport photo)
      • 90-second self promotional video
    3. One page resume
      • (Curriculum vitae)
    4. One page essay
      • Minimum: 600 words
      • Describe your personal goals, extracurricular activities, and personal achievements.
      • Furthermore, include how you would contribute to the Walton International Scholarship Program.
    5. Certification of academic performance.
      • Grades for last 3 years of high school
      • Grades for any University studies completed.
    6. Family Income Certification
      • "Orden Patronal" and/or CPA certification of all family members that live with you
    7. Vaccines
      • Vaccination card (not original, copy only).
    8. References
      • Three references from Academic, Professional, and/or Personal sources (no family members).

    Follow the instructions carefully, and complete all the information requested. Once you have completed the application, make sure to carefully review all of the information and documents to be included.